Message from the President


President Isao Hayashi

“We will contribute to the creation of a more prosperous society.”
This is JDC CORPORATION’s management philosophy, stated in 1991 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its foundation.
We created this philosophy to express and advance our ideas of “Aiming to establish a comfortable society by solving the problems that it is facing, building it better, and creating a safe and secure environment.” Even after 30 years, we still share those same passions today. Within our Group, we are also continually thinking about what it means to “create a prosperous society” and constantly striving to achieve it for all stakeholders.

JDC CORPORATION was established in 1951 with the goal of restoring Japan’s devastated land after the Second World War. At that time, our company was one of the first companies to introduce heavy machinery such as bulldozers from overseas, and played a dynamic role supporting Japan’s high economic growth. The company helped in the development of social infrastructure for post-war reconstruction, the development of industrial infrastructure, and the construction of large-scale housing complexes. Our starting point was this vital “contribution to restoration”, and much later, after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, we greatly contributed to the reconstruction of the disaster areas by using our mobility. Those are the major elements of JDC CORPORATION’s history.

Today, JDC CORPORATION focuses on the construction of high-quality infrastructure utilizing the advanced civil engineering and construction techniques that we have cultivated over many years, while we progressively work to further improve our technologies.
In addition to the Civil Engineering and Building Businesses, “Real Estate Development & Energy Business” as our third pillar continues to grow steadily. Furthermore, we are actively working to create new businesses to form our fourth and fifth pillars.

The JDC CORPORATION Group promotes sustainability management that effectively realizes the sustainable existence and growth of our Group and society. We aim to work on improving the economic and social value of the Group from a long-term perspective, while carefully assessing what measures should be taken in order for the company to exist and grow healthily over the next 10, 50, and 100 years. Also, through these interactions, we are developing our corporate activities with the top priority being ongoing enhancement of “corporate value”.

Going forward, we plan to further strengthen our three businesses (Civil Engineering, Building and Real Estate Development & Energy Businesses), reform our earnings structure by promoting new businesses, and work on a decarbonized business that meets GX (Green Transformation) criteria. In addition, we will take on the challenge of new work styles in the construction industry, and accompanying that, will further advance our research and development to reduce laborious tasks at construction sites, utilize DX (Digital Transformation), and enhance human capital, while corresponding to diversity.

We are dedicated to contributing towards “the creation of a more prosperous society” for all stakeholders, and our company will unite to work in synergy in order to effectively achieve sustainable growth for the Group and society.

President Isao Hayashi