Our Advantage

JDC leverages various experiences and accomplishments in a wide range of fields to maintain social infrastructure, provide clean water, and contribute to securing sustainable modern energy sources.

Here we'd like to introduce a few of our technologies and services.

Earth Moving

Earth Moving

Twister Method (soil improvement device, rotary crushing and mixing method)

The twister method is recognized by the Japanese government as a revolutionary method, not previously available, that simultaneously crushes and mixes using a single mechanism. It is an industrial method that employs the striking power of multiple flexible chains rotating at high speed within a cylinder. It effectively achieves the even dispersal of added materials, while pulverizing (crushing and breaking up) soil materials.

  • Expanding the applicable scope of soil quality improvement

    Earth and sand - which have been difficult to improve through conventional methods - can be mixed homogeneously to create sediment of stable quality.

  • Continuous large-scale mixing is possible

    Combining this method with a conveyor belt transfer system makes continuous large-scale mixing possible.

  • Easy maintenance

    The simplicity of the device makes maintenance easy.

Civil × Chemical

Civil × Chemical

Functional adsorbent

Our functional adsorbent is a water treatment technology that adsorbs hazardous anionic substances dissolved in water (fluoride, boron, etc.) for disposal.
Increased adsorption performance is achieved by creating nano-scale LDH.
Also, as opposed to normal ion exchange resins, which are organic macromolecular compounds, our functional adsorbent is an inorganic compound that is eco-friendly and safe.

  • Low cost

    Its chemical cost is quite low, compared to commercially available ion exchange resins.

  • Excellent adsorptivity

    Highly-adsorbent when compared to commercial LDH, and able to adsorb boron, fluoride, arsenic and selenium.

  • Easy handling

    Non-corrosive and safe. Can be used in powdered (NLDH-P) or granular (NLDH-G) form, depending on the application. Capable of one-pass processing.

Sustainable Energy

  • Mega-solar power generation

    Mega-solar power generation

    Solar-power generation can be used on a permanent basis to convert sunlight into electricity.

  • Wind power generation

    Wind power generation

    We carry out everything from design to construction of wind-power generation facilities, including engineering the earthquake/wind resistance required to obtain ministry approval.